Schools which participate in the Ready Set Bio! programme will receive 4 workshop sessions delivered by a qualified REMEDI facilitator - with a little help from Ugene and Geena! The workshops will include discussions, experiments and microscope work as well as some forensic crime solving!

Workshops take place in the classroom and are offered by REMEDI free of charge.

All sessions are facilitator led and have defined links with the new primary science curriculum.

Our programme is recognised by the Discover Primary Science Programme and participation can be included in your school's application to receive a DPS Award of Excellence. Ready Set Bio! workshops are also available to schools which are not participating in the Discover Primary Science Programme.

To get involved simply:

Ready... Contact REMEDI on +353 (0)91 495166 or by e-mail on to find out about availability of a facilitator for your school. We will also send you a Ready Set Bio! information pack.

Set... Once your school is registered on the programme, you should provide the information pack to the class teacher so that he or she has the opportunity to become familiar with the topics which will be covered during the workshops. This pack includes teacher notes and curriculum links as well as colourful student worksheets.

Bio!... Open the classroom door and let Ugene and Geena introduce your students to the fascinating world of microbiology in 4 hands-on 90 minute engaging workshop sessions which explore the world of cells, DNA, microbes and forensics.

Ugene and Geena reading
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